Holistic solutions to enhance your family’s wealth and well-being

Family Governance & Legacy

Safeguarding family structure & business continuity

Business & Tax Restructuring

Boosting profitability
& mitigating risks

Bookkeeping & Internal Control

Enhancing financial accountability, preventing fraud & squander

Estate & Succession Planning

Securing family values & heritage

Why Should You Develop a Family Office?

Using Family Office

Specialists are managed

Costs are controlled

Client chooses level of family involvement

Reporting system gives a clear picture of assets

Client has control over time and money

Tailored solutions crafted only to address each client challenges

Opportunity to involve in co-investment or business deals with other family in family offices

Support day to day family affairs and long term strategies

Client has one point of contact or Single point of contact (SPoC) to avoid miscommunication and to keep on track

Not Using Family Office

Specialists are uncontrolled

Costs are not understood

Family is involved in every matter

No clear picture of assets

No control over time and money

General solutions

No opportunity to have co-investment and deals with other family in family office

Support certain needs of family matters

Multiple points of contact

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